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A Sustainable Mission

Evolve Renewables cares a lot about protecting the environment and wants to make a better future for you, your family, and your business.

We install modern heat pumps and solar panels. These use the latest green energy technology to help you lower your impact on the environment and save energy in the long run.

Our main goal is to make clean and cheap energy available to more people, making it easier to live in a sustainable way.

Whether you own a home or a business, we’re here to help you move towards a more sustainable future.

Renewable energy for your home
Air Source Heat Pump by Samsung - Evolve Renewables

Your Local Air Source Heat Pump Installers

Heat Pumps

Evolve Renewables installs heat pumps across London, Kent & Surrey. They are now the most environmentally friendly, cheapest and efficient way to heat your property.

These air source heat pumps replace old gas boilers. They keep your home warm while helping the environment by using less fossil fuels.

With the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) Grant, home and business owners can get up to £7500 to help pay for the installation.

Choose Evolve Renewables for a greener, more efficient way to heat your home or business.

Save £7500 with an Air Source
Heat Pump Grant

Unlock a greener, more cost-effective future for your home with Evolve Renewables! Take advantage of the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) and secure a £7500 grant towards an air source heat pump installation.

The Leading Solar Panel Installers in Bromley

Solar Panel Installations

Evolve Renewables are the leading solar panel installation company in Bromley, London and surrounding areas.

Solar Panels help you help the environment, use less fossil fuels, and save money on electricity. Choosing solar panels means using the sun’s endless, clean energy, which helps cut down on your carbon emissions.

This choice is good for your pocket and the environment, as it lowers CO2 in the air and makes you less dependent on regular electricity, giving lasting advantages for your home or business.

Solar Panel installers - Evolve Renewables
Underfloor heating, plumbing and heating package - evolve renewables

Upgrade your Properties Plumbing & Heating

Plumbing & Heating Packages

Upgrading the plumbing and heating in your property is a smart choice, especially if you’re building something new or remodeling.

We make your heating systems better by adding things like air source heat pumps, underfloor heating, modern radiators, and improved boilers. These changes are good for saving energy and helping the environment.

Take this chance to make your home or business better with a heating solution that’s sustainable, saves money, and uses advanced technology. Plus…With the BUS scheme you could claim £7500 towards your plumbing and heating upgrade!

Combined Renewable Energy Systems

Future Proof Your Property

To protect your property from higher energy bills, you can use new technology like solar panels, batteries, and heat pumps together.

This way, you’ll save energy with the latest technology and also avoid paying more for energy in the future.

Evolve Renewables is a top company that provides green solutions by using heat pumps, solar panels, and good battery storage systems.

These systems work well, are high-quality, and good for the environment, making sure you get a lot from what you spend.

Combined renewable energy systems, air source heat pumps, solar panels and battery storage
Renewable Showroom in Bromley

Visit our Renewables Showroom in Bromley

Fully functional showroom

At the Evolve Renewables showroom, we have fully working air source heat pumps, water heaters, solar panels, inverters, battery storage, and EV chargers.

This gives you a real-life look at how these technologies work and how they can help you save energy and money. You can see and understand how each piece of equipment functions and how they can be used in your home or business for better energy use and savings.

Evolve Renewables showcases these modern, eco-friendly solutions in a way that lets you experience their efficiency and quality firsthand.

Don't just take our word for it!

Our Client Reviews

I asked Evolve renewable to come out and estimate for PV and Heat Pump installations both. The quotes were reasonable and the staff are very knowledgeable and upfront. They come to the property and were invested in doing the right thing for us, not just selling more stuff. In the end we had two great companies to choose from (and several other less great ones rejected). We didn't choose Evolve, but it was a tough call. These folks are great!
I highly recommend this company to anyone transitioning to solar energy. Evolve Renewable team was punctual, arriving right at the scheduled time, which was a great start. They were efficient, cautious, and respectful of our property throughout the installation process. The team worked seamlessly, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and expertise. Solar panel's Installation was completed much quicker than I anticipated. After the job was done, they thoroughly cleaned up the area, leaving no trace debris or materials. It's refreshing to see a company that stands true to its word regarding quality of service and timelines.
Survey, quote, purchase and installation complete within 6 weeks for a system with 14 panels, battery storage and inverter. We're now running off the grid for the majority of the time and very happy with the install as there was minimal disruption during the install. I would recommend this company and be happy to used as a reference. One minor niggle was the system used for the first payment for the deposit would not accept a credit card but this issue was resolved for the subsequent larger payments.
Thank you! Evolve had done an amazing job. Profecional, polite and highly skilled team!
Visited this store seeking some information and advice around heat pumps and solar panels. We were both warmly greeted on entrance by Nirav. He offered us a drink and served up a great coffee! The tone in his sales approach was never forceful, more informative and prioritised customer needs. He was honest and extremely helpful in supporting us to make purposeful and decisive decisions. His knowledge and understanding of renewable energy was impeccable and displayed a passion for his work. The showroom was clean and has great potential to expand, showcasing more of their products. Overall this was a great experience and a local business that is charging itself for a positive future!
Wayne Perrey Reviews Evolve Renewables

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Government Grants

If you live in England or Wales, your installer can apply for a £7,500 grant through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to cut the cost of installing your air source heat pump. We will apply for the grant on your behalf! The scheme covers heat pump installations that take place before the end of March 2028

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