Battery Storage for your Solar PV System

Battery Storage for your Solar Panels

Battery Storage Installers

Investing in solar battery storage is cost-effective when combined with solar panels and off-peak electricity rates, such as Octopus Energy’s night rate of 10p per kWh from 12am to 6am.

This approach can cover up to 75% of a household’s energy needs and benefits the grid with more green energy utilisation. Battery capacity is typically measured in kWh and should be tailored to a household’s usage, considering factors like heat pumps and EV chargers.

A hybrid inverter is essential for controlling battery charging from the grid when integrating solar panels. The Luxpower Squirrel Pod offers an expandable solution for off-peak charging, which can be automated for cost savings. Its modular design makes it suitable for homes with or without existing solar installations, enhancing the economic and environmental advantages of solar battery storage.

Battery Storage Systems

Battery Storage Systems

At Evolve Renewables, our certified installers are equipped to guide you on the most suitable battery storage system for your existing or new setup. We choose brands like Givenergi, Solax Power, Home Grid, SunPower, Tesla, and SolarEdge. We understand that the choice of brand and system can greatly impact efficiency and performance, and our experts will help you make an informed decision.

Combining battery storage with solar panels and air source heat pumps offers numerous advantages. It maximises energy self-sufficiency, significantly reduces electricity costs, and reduces reliance on non-renewable energy sources. Moreover, such an integrated approach contributes to a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and join the global movement towards cleaner and greener energy solutions. Evolve Renewables is here to assist you in making this transformative shift, leveraging the potential of battery storage, solar energy, and air source heat pumps for a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible energy future.

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Why should you invest in battery storage?

Get more from your PV system

In an era of rapid renewable energy transition, the installation of battery storage alongside new or existing solar PV systems proves to be a wise investment. Lithium solar battery storage systems have advanced significantly, with efficiency gains and cost reductions. These systems serve a dual purpose: they can store excess solar energy and harness off-peak electricity, primarily from green energy sources.

This dual capability not only ensures a more reliable power supply but also offers substantial financial benefits. In fact, combining solar panels with battery storage can increase the self-consumption of solar energy from 30% to nearly 70%, significantly reducing electricity bills.

Moreover, such systems contribute to grid stability, enhancing the overall reliability of renewable energy sources. As the world races toward sustainability, the integration of battery storage into solar PV systems emerges as a key strategy, boosting energy independence and financial savings, while furthering the transition to green power.

Battery Storage FAQs

What is a battery storage system?

A battery storage system is a device that stores electrical energy for later use. It works by storing excess electricity when it is abundant and releasing it when needed, making it a valuable addition to solar panels or as a backup power source.

Why should I consider battery storage for my home?

Battery storage enhances energy self-sufficiency, reduces electricity bills, and provides backup power during outages. It also allows you to make the most of excess energy generated from renewable sources like solar panels.

What is the lifespan of a typical battery storage system?

Most lithium-ion battery storage systems have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, with warranties typically covering at least 5 to 10 years. Regular maintenance can help extend their life.

Can I install battery storage on an existing solar panel system?

Yes, battery storage can be added to an existing solar panel system. However, it may require additional components such as an inverter compatible with both the solar panels and the battery.

Can I sell excess energy back to the grid with a battery storage system?

In some areas, it’s possible to sell excess energy back to the grid, known as “feed-in tariffs.” However, policies vary by location, so you should check with your utility provider.

What maintenance is required for a battery storage system?

Most modern battery storage systems require minimal maintenance. Regularly monitoring the system’s performance and ensuring it’s clean and free of debris is usually sufficient. It’s also important to follow manufacturer recommendations for battery care and maintenance.

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