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Evolve Renewables specialises in professional heat pump installation in Bromley, South East London, and throughout Kent.

These heat pumps are a highly efficient alternative to traditional gas boilers for heating your home. They are important in reducing the use of gas boilers, which release more carbon emissions than the average car.

Heat pumps are a reliable and effective technology, greatly lowering these harmful emissions. They provide a stable temperature inside your home and make small adjustments throughout the day for consistent warmth, even in very cold weather.

Choose Evolve Renewables for advanced and efficient heat pump installations, and experience the next generation of home heating.

Air Source Heat Pump by Samsung - Evolve Renewables

Heat Pump installation process

Initial Survey and Assessment

Evolve Renewables begins with a detailed survey of your property. Their experts will evaluate your home's specific needs, examining factors like space, existing heating systems, and insulation. This initial assessment ensures that the air source heat pump system is tailored to your home for optimal efficiency and performance.

Customised System Design

Based on the survey findings, Evolve Renewables designs a bespoke air source heat pump system for your home. They consider the best location for the unit, the right model for your heating needs, and how to integrate it with your existing heating infrastructure. This is crucial for maximising the benefits and efficiency of the system.

Professional Installation & Setup

The final step involves the careful installation of the air source heat pump by Evolve Renewables’ certified technicians. They ensure a smooth setup, connecting the system to your home’s heating network and making sure everything is working correctly. After installation, they’ll guide you through the operation and maintenance.

Save £7500 with an Air Source
Heat Pump Grant

Unlock a greener, more cost-effective future for your home with Evolve Renewables! Take advantage of the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) and secure a £7500 grant towards an air source heat pump installation.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise and Experience

Known for our deep expertise and experience in installing air source heat pumps. We have a proven track record of successful installations, ensuring professional fitting and peak efficiency. Our team of skilled MCS technicians is well-versed in the latest technologies and best practices in renewable energy systems.

Customised Solutions

Recognising that each home is unique, Evolve Renewables offers customised solutions tailored to individual needs. They conduct thorough assessments of each property to design a system that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements, ensuring an effective and efficient heating solution for your home.

Commitments to Sustainability

Choosing Evolve Renewables means partnering with a company deeply committed to environmental sustainability. By opting for their airs source heat pump installation services, you're not only improving your home's heating system but also contributing to a healthier planet and happier pocket.

The best heat pumps

Evolve Renewables specialise in installing heat pumps that work well with radiators and underfloor heating. We offer different types of heat pumps, like Harnitek, Stiebel and Samsung.

Before installing a heat pump, we check how your current heating works, look at your home’s energy rating, and see how much heat your house loses. We do a full check of your home to pick the best heat pump for you and figure out how much money you could save.

Having a heat pump can make your home warmer and save you money on heating. It can also make your home or business more attractive to buyers or renters. With Evolve Renewables, you get a heat pump that’s eco-friendly and helps you save in the long run.

Stieble Heat pump

Running Costs Of Air Source Heat Pumps​

Heat Pump Running Costs

The cost of running a heat pump can vary a lot depending on the type of home you have and how good it is at using energy, which is measured by something called an Energy Performance Certificate. 

How much money you can save with a heat pump also depends on what heating system you currently have. When you switch from a gas boiler to a heat pump, it’s not just about the cost of the energy; you also save money by not having to pay a standing charge and reducing the yearly maintenance and repair costs.

Heat pumps are very good at turning energy into heat, and some of them can give you five times more heat than the energy they use. With the recent increase in gas prices, heat pumps have become one of the cheapest options for heating your home.

A word from a DIY Expert

Wayne Perrey Weighs in on £7500 Gov Grant

The blog discusses Wayne Perrey’s experience with installing an air source heat pump in his home in Chislehurst, southeast London, with the help of Evolve Renewables.

It highlights the financial and environmental benefits of choosing a heat pump over a traditional gas boiler, particularly with the aid of the £7,500 government heat pump grant.

The blog details the process of choosing and installing the system, including the importance of home suitability, energy performance, and insulation for maximising efficiency and grant eligibility. It emphasises the long-term cost savings and environmental impact of heat pumps.

Wayne Perrey Reviews Evolve Renewables

Heat Pumps We Install

Heat Pump FAQs

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump represents an energy-efficient and eco-friendly apparatus that maximises the utilisation of low-quality thermal energy. While heat naturally moves from hot to cold, it doesn’t naturally reverse direction. The operation of a heat pump involves a mechanical process that compels heat to move from a lower-temperature source to a higher-temperature destination in a reversed cycle. This mechanism consumes only a minimal amount of energy to achieve a significant heat transfer, effectively harnessing and conserving low-quality heat energy that would otherwise go to waste, thereby promoting energy efficiency.

How is a heat pump low-carbon and eco-friendly?

The heat pump operates without releasing harmful gases, greenhouse emissions, or acid rain pollutants, and it doesn’t generate waste heat pollution. Opting for a heat pump equates to embracing a lifestyle that is both environmentally friendly and low in carbon footprint.

What are the features of Solar Heat Pump?

The Solar Heat Pump incorporates panels into its system to facilitate heat exchange with the external environment using refrigerant, eliminating the need for components like motor fans and four-way valves. This results in a straightforward design, compact dimensions, cost-effectiveness, and minimal noise levels. The system draws from various heat sources, including solar energy, ambient air energy, wind energy, and rainwater energy, ensuring a continuous supply of hot water around the clock, free from environmental limitations. It maximises the capture of natural energy and can harvest heat from a broader area, achieving an impressive maximum COP of 6.0.

What are the features of Air Source Heat Pump?

The Air Source Heat Pump harnesses the ambient air as both a heat and cold source for heating and cooling purposes. Thanks to its superior cooling and heating capacity, which surpasses the energy consumption of the heat pump, it stands out as an efficient and energy-efficient product. This system combines heating, cooling, and domestic hot water functions seamlessly. Leveraging DC frequency conversion technology, it achieves an A+++ energy efficiency rating. With the adoption of EVI technology, it can operate efficiently even in extremely cold conditions as low as -30°C. Additionally, it incorporates innovative noise reduction technology, resulting in exceptionally low noise levels. It utilises the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

What are the features of CO₂ Heat Pump?

The CO₂ Heat Pump employs an environmentally friendly natural refrigerant. It operates by compressing the CO₂ refrigerant into a high-temperature, high-pressure supercritical fluid. This fluid then enters a gas cooler to exchange heat with water. The water absorbs the heat, causing its temperature to increase. Subsequently, the high-pressure fluid passes through an expansion valve, where it undergoes depressurization, absorbing heat from the surrounding air in the evaporator, and transforming into a low-pressure gas. The gas is then drawn back into the compressor for compression, initiating a continuous cycle that results in the production of hot water.

The CO₂ Heat Pump excels in high-temperature heating performance, capable of delivering water at temperatures exceeding 90℃. It also performs admirably at low temperatures, with the ability to produce high-temperature hot water even in extreme conditions as low as -35℃ ambient temperature. Moreover, it boasts high energy efficiency and a broad range of applications, operating effectively within an ambient temperature range of -35°C to 43°C. This versatility makes it suitable for generating domestic or industrial hot water in most geographical areas.

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Government Grants

If you live in England or Wales, your installer can apply for a £7,500 grant through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to cut the cost of installing your air source heat pump. We will apply for the grant on your behalf! The scheme covers heat pump installations that take place before the end of March 2028

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