Turning Sunshine into Savings: A Solar Installation Success Story in Bromley

Solar Installation Case Study Bromley

Solar Power Success: Mrs. Clark’s Journey with Evolve Renewables in Chislehurst

In Chislehurst, Mrs. Clark’s decision to install solar panels through Evolve Renewables has sparked local interest and inspired others to consider renewable energy solutions.

This case study explores her experience, showcasing the significant benefits of converting to solar power. As energy prices continue to rise, more homeowners are turning to companies like Evolve Renewables for reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Project Initiation

Mrs. Clark, a retired schoolteacher in Chislehurst, was increasingly concerned about her rising electricity bills and environmental impact. After attending a local seminar on renewable energy solutions hosted by Evolve Renewables at their showroom, she decided to invest in solar technology for her detached four-bedroom home. Her primary goals were to cut energy costs and reduce her carbon footprint.

Installation and Setup

The process began with a detailed assessment of Mrs. Clark’s property to ensure that her home was suitable for a solar installation. This included evaluating the roof’s structure, orientation, and exposure to sunlight. Evolve Renewables proposed the installation of 24 photovoltaic (PV) panels, designed to optimally fit her roof’s dimensions and maximise sun exposure throughout the year.

Battery Storage Solution

Alongside the solar panel installation, Mrs. Clark opted to include a battery storage system, enhancing her energy independence by storing surplus solar power generated during peak sunlight hours. This stored energy is then available for use during the evening or on cloudy days, ensuring a continuous supply of electricity without relying on the grid.


The integration of battery storage not only maximises the use of solar energy at her home but also provides significant cost savings by reducing the need to purchase electricity from the utility company during high-demand periods.


Evolve Renewables provided a state-of-the-art battery system tailored to Mrs. Clark’s energy usage patterns, effectively turning her home into a self-sustaining energy hub. This addition exemplifies smart energy management and further increases the return on investment in renewable energy systems.

inverter and battery installed in attic

Financial Savings

The impact on Mrs. Clark’s energy bills was noticeable immediately after the system became operational. Her previous average monthly electricity bill of £200 dropped to around £40—a reduction of 80%. Annually, this change saves her about £1,920. With these savings, Mrs. Clark expects the system to pay for itself within less than seven years, considering the feed-in tariff and the savings from her reduced utility bills.

Environmental Contributions

Mrs. Clark’s new solar panel system not only benefits her finances but also the environment. By generating clean, green energy, she prevents approximately 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions each year, equating to the environmental benefit of planting around 75 trees annually. Her choice to switch to solar power reflects a growing trend among environmentally conscious homeowners who are eager to contribute positively to combating climate change.

Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Evolve Renewables ensured that all equipment installed at Mrs. Clark’s home was of the highest quality, sourced from industry-leading manufacturers with proven track records for durability and performance. The installation came with a comprehensive 25-year warranty on the PV panels and a 10-year guarantee on the inverter, providing Mrs. Clark with peace of mind regarding her investment.

The Installation Process

The installation process was smooth and unintrusive. Evolve Renewables managed all aspects of the project, from obtaining the necessary permits to scheduling the installation at a time convenient for Mrs. Clark. The entire setup was completed within two days, and included a thorough walkthrough of the system’s operation. Post-installation, Mrs. Clark was equipped with an easy-to-use monitoring system that allowed her to track energy production and consumption in real-time, ensuring her system was always performing optimally.

solar panels on house renovation (1)

Community Impact and Social Change

Mrs. Clark’s decision to install solar panels has had a ripple effect in her community. Inspired by her positive experience, several of her neighbours in Chislehurst have inquired about similar installations for their homes. Evolve Renewables has since conducted additional community seminars and consultations, reinforcing the local shift towards more sustainable energy practices.

Looking Forward

As Mrs. Clark enjoys her retirement with significantly lower energy costs and the satisfaction of contributing to environmental health, she continues to advocate for solar energy. Her story is a testament to the practical and environmental advantages of solar power, serving as a powerful example for homeowners considering this renewable energy solution.


Mrs. Clark’s experience with Evolve Renewables in Chislehurst illustrates the practical and financial benefits of solar power. The success of her solar installation highlights how individual actions can lead to significant community and environmental impacts. For those inspired by Mrs. Clark’s story, Evolve Renewables offers the expertise and support needed to explore solar energy solutions tailored to your needs. You can contact Evolve Renewables to learn more and to start your journey towards energy independence and sustainability.

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