Harnitek ThermoPod System
Harnitek ThermoPod System

Harnitek ThermoPod

£7500 Grant Available

Discover the Harnitek Thermopod: Your all-in-one energy solution. Enjoy uninterrupted hot water, eco-friendly operation, and seamless building integration. Welcome to the future of energy with Thermopod.

Introducing the Harnitek ThermoPod: Your Solar Assisted Heat Pump

The Thermopod unit is a versatile renewable energy system, functioning not only as a solar-powered heat pump but also as an air and ground source heat pump. This innovative unit harnesses heat energy from various natural elements, including solar radiation, ambient air temperature, wind, rain, sunlight, and even snowfall, using two external panels as its primary sources.

The Thermopod unit efficiently extracts heat from the refrigerant returning from its dedicated panels and transfers this thermal energy into the water within the hot water cylinder. This process ensures a continuous supply of hot water throughout the year.

Operating 24 hours a day, the default setting of the Thermopod unit maintains your hot water at a comfortable 55°C. Whenever the unit detects a 5°C drop in the hot water cylinder’s temperature, it automatically activates to reheat the water. Once the water temperature returns to 55°C, the unit automatically turns off, ensuring a consistent supply of hot water whenever needed. The Thermopod system is designed for your convenience and efficiency.

Multiple Sources

Harnessing multiple thermal sources, this system operates around the clock with smart temperature control.

Flexible Design

This product is user-friendly, effortless to install, and seamlessly integrates with buildings to improve efficiency.

Hanritek thermopod specs

Highly Efficient

It is also a low-carbon competitive product that an reduce the cost by 20% off than the equivalent heat pump hot water system.

Zero Pollution

No motor fan eliminates the noise issues typically associated with traditional heat pump products, providing an easy solution.

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Government Grants

If you live in England or Wales, your installer can apply for a £7,500 grant through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to cut the cost of installing your air source heat pump. We will apply for the grant on your behalf! The scheme covers heat pump installations that take place before the end of March 2028

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