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Evolve Renewables – Your seasoned installers of Heat Pumps. We specialise in the seamless integration of advanced heating systems for your home. Our commitment goes beyond sales — we offer homeowners tailored advice for their renewable energy systems. At Evolve Renewables, we’re dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and solutions that best fit your needs. Explore our heat pump range, and let us guide you toward a greener, more efficient home, including our top-tier Air Source Heat Pump.

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Air Source Heat Pumps Specialists in South Lambeth

ASHP Installers

Evolve Renewables offers professional Air Source Heat Pump installations in South Lambeth and all across the South East.

Air Source Heat Pump represent the most efficient method for heating your home, serving as a direct substitute for traditional gas boilers. The urgency to phase out gas boilers cannot be overstated, given that they release a higher volume of carbon compounds into the atmosphere compared to the average domestic car. Air Source Heat Pump, on the other hand, present a well-established and effective technology that significantly reduces these emissions.These systems maintain consistent indoor temperatures and provide gentle, periodic adjustments throughout the day. Their impressive efficiency ensures your warmth even when outdoor temperatures plummet well below freezing.

Experience the future of cheaper, more efficient energy with Heat Pumps.

Air Source Heat Pump Grant

We’ll secure the £7500 ASHP Grant for you

Running Costs of Air Source Heat Pumps

How to benefit from the BUS Air Source Heat Pump Grant

Unlock substantial savings with the UK government’s generous grant for Heat Pumps. Homeowners can now receive up to £7500 to support the installation of these cutting-edge and eco-friendly heating systems. This initiative not only empowers households to adopt sustainable energy solutions but also aligns with the government’s commitment to promoting renewable technologies. By choosing to install an Air Source Heat Pump, you not only invest in the future of your home’s comfort but also benefit from significant financial incentives, courtesy of this forward-thinking grant. Seize the opportunity to make your home more energy-efficient and reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying substantial savings with the UK government’s commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions.

If you reside in South Lambeth, you have the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of installing your air source heat pump through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), which offers a substantial £7,500 grant. Our dedicated installers will handle the application process on your behalf, streamlining the procedure for your convenience. It’s important to note that this scheme covers installations of Heat Pumps completed before the end of March 2028, presenting a valuable incentive for homeowners looking to embrace sustainable and cost-effective heating solutions. Take advantage of this grant to make the transition to Air Source Heat Pump both environmentally friendly and financially advantageous.

Heat pump cost savings

Top Rated Renewable Energy Installers in South Lambeth

Delivering Client Satisfaction

Visited this store seeking some information and advice around heat pumps and solar panels. We were both warmly greeted on entrance by Nirav. He offered us a drink and served up a great coffee! The tone in his sales approach was never forceful, more informative and prioritised customer needs. He was honest and extremely helpful in supporting us to make purposeful and decisive decisions. His knowledge and understanding of renewable energy was impeccable and displayed a passion for his work. The showroom was clean and has great potential to expand, showcasing more of their products. Overall this was a great experience and a local business that is charging itself for a positive future!
I asked Evolve renewable to come out and estimate for PV and Heat Pump installations both. The quotes were reasonable and the staff are very knowledgeable and upfront. They come to the property and were invested in doing the right thing for us, not just selling more stuff. In the end we had two great companies to choose from (and several other less great ones rejected). We didn't choose Evolve, but it was a tough call. These folks are great!
I highly recommend this company to anyone transitioning to solar energy. Evolve Renewable team was punctual, arriving right at the scheduled time, which was a great start. They were efficient, cautious, and respectful of our property throughout the installation process. The team worked seamlessly, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and expertise. Solar panel's Installation was completed much quicker than I anticipated. After the job was done, they thoroughly cleaned up the area, leaving no trace debris or materials. It's refreshing to see a company that stands true to its word regarding quality of service and timelines.
Great service provided with a lot of knowledge and expertise and attention to detail while installing an Air Source Heat Pump. Connor and Ross worked incredibly hard to install the heat pump, pipes and radiators in just over a week in order to minimise disruption to our household, and were very happy to make modifications to what they'd done in order to make sure we were satisfied. Despite being a very in-demand company, director Dale has been communicative and helpful pretty much every time we've needed him - including returning twice since the installation to re-balance the radiators. We are happy with our heat pump so far - I'll try to post another review after the winter to confirm if our heat pump has performed satisfactorily!
I have had a very positive experience with Evolve Renewables, in particular Dale their Installation Director. Their survey and quotation is very detailed and they discuss in-detail the requirements and needs. Whilst we did not go with Evolve Renewables in the end, they were always polite and knowledgable throughout.

Information about Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps – Heat pumps offer compelling benefits, combining energy efficiency with environmental advantages. Studies indicate that heat pumps can reduce energy consumption for heating by up to 50%, contributing to lower utility bills for homeowners. Additionally, they boast an impressive coefficient of performance (COP), often exceeding 3, meaning they generate more heat energy than the electricity they consume. This translates into a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, with Heat Pumps significantly lowering a household’s carbon footprint. Embracing this technology not only enhances energy efficiency but also aligns with global sustainability goals, making Air Source Heat Pump a smart choice for both economy and ecology.

Air Source Heat Pump installation – At Evolve Renewables, we prioritise informed decisions over sales pitches when it comes to Heat Pumps. We understand that not every home is suitable for this technology, and our commitment is to guide you toward solutions that guarantee a return on investment. Before proposing any installation, we conduct a thorough house survey to assess the feasibility and compatibility of air source heat pumps with your specific needs and property characteristics. Our goal is to ensure that every installation is a strategic investment, aligning seamlessly with your home’s requirements and contributing to long-term energy efficiency. Trust Evolve Renewables for a personalised and comprehensive approach to sustainable heating solutions.

Heat Pumps and solar combined – Combining heat pumps with solar energy presents a potent synergy for homeowners in the UK, delivering both economic and environmental benefits. According to UK statistics, homes equipped with this dual system experience a remarkable reduction in energy bills. The solar component contributes to self-generated electricity, diminishing reliance on the grid. Pairing solar with Heat Pumps enhances overall energy efficiency, with potential savings of up to 70% on heating costs. Moreover, this integrated approach substantially decreases carbon emissions, aligning with the UK’s commitment to a greener future. Evolve Renewables stands at the forefront of this innovative pairing, ensuring a seamless integration that maximises both sustainability and cost-effectiveness for homeowners across the UK.

Heat Pump Home Surveys

Request a home survey below and one of our skilled heat pump technicians will evaluate your homes eligibility to benefit from an air source heat pump

The Importance of a home survey for Air Source Heat Pump installation in South Lambeth

8 Considerations to Remember


The installation of Heat Pumps becomes more costly as the age of the building increases. Even with a government grant of £7,500, the costs to renovate your home to accommodate an Air Source Heat Pump could outweigh the benefits they produce.


Air Source Heat Pump installations are best suited to full house renovations with the intent of making your home more sustainable. That being said, Heat Pumps could still make a positive difference to your home in South Lambeth, but a survey is still essential.


The viability of an Air Source Heat Pump is directly proportional to your EPC rating. The lower your rating, the more effort is required to make a heat pump a practical choice.


The renewable system’s cost-effectiveness lies in its operation at low temperatures, but this feature might render the entire concept prohibitively expensive.


If your home is listed, and altering windows requires planning permissions, this could serve as another potential deterrent.


Given that heat pumps operate at lower temperatures compared to boilers, it necessitates the replacement and upscaling of many, if not all, radiators during installation to ensure optimal performance of the Air Source Heat Pump.


A considerable space is required to accommodate the internal cylinder, which isn’t small, and it must be connected no more than ten metres away from the external Heat Pumps.


The heat pump cannot be placed too close to a neighbour’s boundary due to fan noise. In the case of residing in a flat, this limitation makes installation nearly impossible.

WE ONLY INSTALL THE BEST Heat Pumps BRANDS in​ South Lambeth

Heat Pumps are versatile, performing effectively with both radiators and underfloor heating systems. It might be necessary to upsize certain radiators to attain the desired room rating. Explore the variety of Harnitek heat pumps and Samsung Heat pumps brands available through Evolve Renewables for more information.

To figure out how much you can save by switching to a heat pump, we need to look at how well your current heating system works, check your home’s Energy Performance Certificate, and understand how much heat your home loses. We’ll do a thorough survey of your property to figure out the right kind of heat pump to install and estimate how much money you can save.

Harnitek Air Source Heat Pumps

Samsung Air Source Heat Pumps

Visit out ASHP Showroom in Bromley

Air Source Heat Pump showroom in Bromley

Come in and we’ll show you all of our working Heat Pumps and whether it will benefit your eco home goals

Running Costs of Air Source Heat Pumps

Running Costs of an Air Source Heat Pump

The cost of running Heat Pumps can vary a lot depending on the type of home you have and how good it is at using energy, which is measured by something called an Energy Performance Certificate.

How much money you can save with a heat pump also depends on what heating system you currently have. When you switch from a gas boiler to a heat pump, it’s not just about the cost of the energy; you also save money by not having to pay a standing charge and reducing the yearly maintenance and repair costs.

Heat pumps are very good at turning energy into heat, and some of them can give you five times more heat than the energy they use. With the recent increase in gas prices, an Air Source Heat Pump have become one of the cheapest options for heating your home. Combined renewable energy systems elevate your homes cost saving potential to new levels. Be sure to ask our experts for a thorough quote.

Heat pump cost savings
Evolve Renewables The Times Article (1)

"How I’m taking advantage of the new £7,500 Air Source Heat Pump grant"

Wayne Perry – TV DIY Expert secured his £7500 Government Grant for an Air Source Heat Pump Installation. He shared his experience with Evolve Renewables via The Times. Be sure to check out his journey to future proofing his home!

Our Heating Services in South Lambeth

Here is some of the work that our certified Heat Pumps specialists can also do for you:


Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) offer numerous benefits. Here's a breakdown of the key advantages:



It’s crucial to carefully consider the pros and cons of ASHPs based on your specific requirements, climate considerations, and budget before determining if they are the optimal choice for your home.

Heat Pump FAQs

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump represents an energy-efficient and eco-friendly apparatus that maximises the utilisation of low-quality thermal energy. While heat naturally moves from hot to cold, it doesn’t naturally reverse direction. The operation of a heat pump involves a mechanical process that compels heat to move from a lower-temperature source to a higher-temperature destination in a reversed cycle. This mechanism consumes only a minimal amount of energy to achieve a significant heat transfer, effectively harnessing and conserving low-quality heat energy that would otherwise go to waste, thereby promoting energy efficiency.

How is a heat pump low-carbon and eco-friendly?

The heat pump operates without releasing harmful gases, greenhouse emissions, or acid rain pollutants, and it doesn’t generate waste heat pollution. Opting for a heat pump equates to embracing a lifestyle that is both environmentally friendly and low in carbon footprint.

What are the features of Solar Heat Pump?

The Solar Heat Pump incorporates panels into its system to facilitate heat exchange with the external environment using refrigerant, eliminating the need for components like motor fans and four-way valves. This results in a straightforward design, compact dimensions, cost-effectiveness, and minimal noise levels. The system draws from various heat sources, including solar energy, ambient air energy, wind energy, and rainwater energy, ensuring a continuous supply of hot water around the clock, free from environmental limitations. It maximises the capture of natural energy and can harvest heat from a broader area, achieving an impressive maximum COP of 6.0.

What are the features of Air Source Heat Pump?

The Air Source Heat Pump harnesses the ambient air as both a heat and cold source for heating and cooling purposes. Thanks to its superior cooling and heating capacity, which surpasses the energy consumption of the heat pump, it stands out as an efficient and energy-efficient product. This system combines heating, cooling, and domestic hot water functions seamlessly. Leveraging DC frequency conversion technology, it achieves an A+++ energy efficiency rating. With the adoption of EVI technology, it can operate efficiently even in extremely cold conditions as low as -30°C. Additionally, it incorporates innovative noise reduction technology, resulting in exceptionally low noise levels. It utilises the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

What are the features of CO₂ Heat Pump?

The CO₂ Heat Pump employs an environmentally friendly natural refrigerant. It operates by compressing the CO₂ refrigerant into a high-temperature, high-pressure supercritical fluid. This fluid then enters a gas cooler to exchange heat with water. The water absorbs the heat, causing its temperature to increase. Subsequently, the high-pressure fluid passes through an expansion valve, where it undergoes depressurization, absorbing heat from the surrounding air in the evaporator, and transforming into a low-pressure gas. The gas is then drawn back into the compressor for compression, initiating a continuous cycle that results in the production of hot water.

The CO₂ Heat Pump excels in high-temperature heating performance, capable of delivering water at temperatures exceeding 90℃. It also performs admirably at low temperatures, with the ability to produce high-temperature hot water even in extreme conditions as low as -35℃ ambient temperature. Moreover, it boasts high energy efficiency and a broad range of applications, operating effectively within an ambient temperature range of -35°C to 43°C. This versatility makes it suitable for generating domestic or industrial hot water in most geographical areas.

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Government Grants

If you live in England or Wales, your installer can apply for a £7,500 grant through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to cut the cost of installing your air source heat pump. We will apply for the grant on your behalf! The scheme covers heat pump installations that take place before the end of March 2028

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